Convert your Patron de Yate to RYA Yachtmaster

Switch over to the most widely accepted Maritime qualification in the world.

It is now possible to convert your Spanish Patron de Yate to the internationally recognised  RYA Yachtmaster Offshore but it is far from a simple paperwork exercise as the Spanish Patron de Yate qualification and the RYA Yachtmaster are somewhat different. After personally delivering various bespoke courses in this area a pattern has evolved sufficient for us to design a Switchover course in both Sail and Motor that specifically targets all the missing elements.  The course is 10 days in total consisting of 5 days theory, 4 days practical training, and 1 day exam. For those wishing to work as an International Yachtmaster this can be extended by a further 5 days with the MCA STCW95 Basic Safety Training.

How do I convert my Patron de Yate to RYA Yachtmaster?

Aside from the obvious problem of  nautical terminology there are many other disparities to overcome and gaps to fill, the most significant are:

  1. Mileage. The RYA Yachtmaster requires delegates to have achieved, and produce evidence of, 2500 (active) Tidal Miles, of these there must to be 5 of 60 mile passages, 2 of these 60 milers must be as the skipper of the Yacht and 2 must be over night.  These miles must be what we call ‘Active’  Miles where you have been regularly actively involved in the navigation, mooring,  helming or skippering on a number of shorter passages. As apposed to ‘Passive miles’ sometimes called ’empty miles’ where you sit back and read a book on long passages.
  2. Theory. Having ran some of these ‘Switchover’ courses myself I am baffled as to how much the PDY theory is lacking in one area yet overly technical in others. Most notably in the tidal streams areas. Collision regulations and knowledge of lights and shapes is usually however excellent.
  3. Boat Handling. A massive part of the RYA Yachtmaster is boat handling, as this is where most of the mishaps take place.  The PDY course doesn’t seem too overly concerned with whether or not you can actually handle a boat. Some boat handling skills are a pre-requisite for the Switchover course but this area is further polished during the practical training

What are the pre-course requirements?

In order to qualify for the Allabroad PDY to YM Switch Over Course Delegates must have:

  • Qualifying Active Miles
  • Skippering experience
  • A recent (5 years) to Patron de yate
  • Sound knowledge of the Colregs
  • Good boat handling skills

It is important to note that, the Yachtmaster qualification is not an advanced crewing Qualification! Many delegates can produce evidence of all the miles but have never actually taken control of a Yacht. This will be obvious to the examiner.

What if I do not meet the pre-course requirements or require further training?

If you have little or no boat handling experience,  have never actually skippered a yacht or your Patron de Yate is over 5 years old then you will need more than a conversion course. We can however provide bolt on pre course specialist training weeks such as:

  • Boat handling
  • Mile building
  • Navigation training
  • STCW95 BST

Many students have opted for the full Yachtmaster Offshore Fast Track course despite holding a current Patron de Yate.

Yachtmaster Fast Track sailing courses

If you have little maritime experience click here

Can I work Internationally as a Yachtmaster?

For those wishing to work internationally we also strongly recommend the additional MCA STCW95 Basic Safety Training course.  The majority of commercial vessels are UK Flagged so this winning combination of qualifications enables the holder to work internationally on well over 80% of the worlds commercial vessels.

  • Patron de Yate
  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore

Furthermore the RYA Yachtmaster with MCA STCW95 can be converted to just about any other equivalent qualification in the world without any further training requirements.

What should I do next?

Forward this post to friends and family that may also benefit. Join us on facebook to read the latest Switchover case studies. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest information for commercial Yachtmasters. Contact us now with the form below with any comments or to reserve your place and discuss in detail your specific training requirements.

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